Pro-Strand Brushes

Royal has developed the Internal Pro-Strand Clean out brush as an alternative cleaning system compared to i.e., water jet cleaning, hard wire (Steel) bristle brush etc.

The Pro-Strand brush has been designed to provide maximum cleaning power with designed precautions not to damage seal and thread areas within the well head hanger

Sizes & Drill pipe connections:

Royal provides Pro-Strand brushes in a large variety of sizes, for 7" ID to 22" ID.

  • 3-1/2" IF Box connection
  • 7" thru 10-3/4” brushes
  • 4-1/2" IF Box connection
  • 11-3/4" thru 22" brushes
Pro-Strand Brush Image 1

Royal can also provide multi-stage brushes for standard drill pipe application and ROV operated ID brushes for special application. Multi stage brushes are not a stock item, these require advance notice.

Royal undertakes great efforts to guarantee maximum quality of the Pro-Strand ID clean out brush components, however we can not assume the responsibility for the improper deployment and application of the ID clean out brushes once they are in the customer's possession.

Pro-Strand Brush Image 2