Net Guards And Trash Caps For Subsea Offshore Drilling

Since 1987, Royal Service & Rentals, Inc. has been fabricating net guards in a range of sizes to address issues associated with protecting subsea wells and subsea trees.


Built to meet the Bureau of Ocean Energy, Management, Regulation and Enforcement's stringent regulations, our net guards offer several features including:

  • Capable of covering up to six subsea wells
  • Sizes ranging from 14’ x 10’ to 32’ x 28’
  • Able to cover subsea trees between 15’-25’ AML
  • Single well (14’ x 10’) net guards are drill pipe deployable and retrievable
Net Guard Image 1

Trash Caps

Trash Caps, Extended  Neck Caps, Stab-in, Overshot - All tools can be run and set by our DHTV systems. All sizes can be fabricated to meet customers needs.

Built per customers request:

  • Trash caps for T&A projects 20" to 36"
  • Stab-in for tie-backs 20" to 36"
  • Overshots for tie-backs 20" to 36"
Net Guard Trash Cap Image 3 Net Guard Trash Cap Image 4 Net Guard Trash Caps Image 1 Net Guard Trash Caps Image 2